Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the Highway, Driving North

On the highway this morning my thoughts drifted. I was headed south in the northbound lane. Such is the pull of memory. I tried the GPS for a way through the past back to now. The clock spun backward. Cars honked and flashed their lights. What am I doing, I wondered. Whatever it was, I kept going. Then I came to that place where traffic merges in from the left and the right. Cars moved at shocking speed. I shook my head. Your face came to me. You sat in the passenger seat. Smiling. I dropped the GPS out the window. Looked straight ahead. I was back in the northbound lane. My hands at ten and two. Holding the vehicle steady. My eyes saw the morning sky, the road ahead, the ring on my finger, my face reflected in the rearview mirror. I recognized that face and, taking a deep breath in and out, realized that I know the way to go.